Musical divination is open!


I will be doing musical divinations for a bit. They’ll be free, but donations are appreciated (IM TRYING TO SAVE UP FOR A VIOLIN SO DONATIONS ARE SUPER APPRECIATED)

Just pop into my ask saying you want one and I’ll give you a song with some lyrics I think are important.

There is a donate button on my blog if you want to donate. Please signal boost uwu

Guys, she’s AMAZING.

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Anonymous asked:

So how does Selenite work to amplify third eye?

duskenpath answered:

Selenite is generally understood to have a ‘high vibrational frequency’ by the woo crystalers such as myself

(Can we call ourselves the crystariums because I like that word from FF XIII ANYWAY)

It’s often considered a crystal that never needs cleansing (if you subscribe to cleansing which is very rare for me to do) because it more emits shit constantly and is a purifier by itself

If I stick my hand on one in a matter of seconds it attempts to force all my blocks out at once and after a bit it feels like I’m holding an object that is vibrating and you get that weird sense of numbness from holding something that is moving for too long

Basically it loves to break up obstacles and it really kind of mimics the blockage removal that Reiki does? Meaning tease it out a little and then bulldoze right through it and keep going



Dominance Behavior in Canids

I didn’t really even WANT to make a post about this.

The alpha-beta-omega model of wolf packs is dead in scientific literature, hammered into the ground, so to speak, and it’s been dead for over ten years. So why am I still hearing about it on TV and reading about it in articles? Why are popular dog trainers that encourage you to “be the alpha” still taken seriously?

I think the unfortunate truth is that the idea that there are strong and ferocious leaders in wolf packs and that you, too, can take on that role with your dog is just somehow appealing to people. Almost romantic, in the older sense of the word. And because of this, it makes money. It sells werewolf media. It sells dog training classes. Educational science channels that have no business promoting this false ideology keep it on board because it gets people watching.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty fed up with the whole thing.

Okay, let’s talk about dominance, particularly what the word even means, because popular media does a terrible job of explaining it.

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